MBY Founder and Creative Director, son and grandson of dressmakers is a self-taught tailer showcasing talent that runs through the blood.

Ambitious and determined our Founder studied Art, Design and tailoring enhancing his natural flair.

Driven in fascination and enthusiasm of fashion, as a teenager living at home our Founder began bringing his designs to life. Bespoke patchwork jeans and denim suits oozed individuality; a staple thread present throughout current collections today.

A steady client base bloomed speedily which led to supplying a small boutique.

In pursuit of realising the dream, the creation of a high-fashion contemporary streetwear brand, our Founder took to sketchbook and pen pioneering visions into existence formulating a unique clothing style. MBY innovatively bridges the gap between luxury high-fashion and streetwear influenced by travel, art, film, music and street culture.

Individually handmade each item is a staple unique piece and a labour of love. True craftsmanship at its finest, specialising in technical designs. We use premium English mills for quality fabrics customised to our bespoke requirements. Production is in limited numbers and sourced by only the best manufacturers.

MBY, an independent English lifestyle brand that values exclusivity and individuality with an attention to detail that modestly sets one out from the crowd.